Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy

Dear visitor, customer, supplier:

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to inform and sensitize the different interest groups of QUALITY CODE SAS, who have provided or in the future provide their personal data, in compliance with the provisions of articles 15 and 20 of the Political Constitution, Law 1581 of 2012, Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013 and other complementary provisions, the Company has adopted a Personal Data Protection Policy in order to safeguard the right to privacy and confidentiality of your personal data.

In consideration of the above, QUALITY CODE S.A.S. adopts this policy for the processing of personal data, in the following terms:

1.     IDENTIFICATION OF THE DATA CONTROLLER.- QUALITY CODE S.A.S., a commercial company located in the City of Bogotá D.C., is responsible for and / or in charge of the processing of personal data.

2.     PURPOSE WITH WHICH THE COLLECTION OF PERSONAL DATA AND TREATMENT OF THE SAME IS MADE.-QUALITY CODE S.A.S. may make use of personal data to: a) Execute the existing contractual relationship with its clients, suppliers and workers, including the payment of contractual obligations and the exercise of the rights derived from them; b) Provide the services and / or products required by its users; c) Inform about new products or services and / or about changes in them; d) Evaluate the quality of the service; e) Carry out marketing studies, statistics, research and other commercial purposes that do not contravene current legislation in Colombia; f) Send to physical, electronic, cell phone or mobile device, via text messages (SMS and / or MMS) or through any other analog and / or digital means of communication created or to be created, commercial, advertising or promotional information about the products and / or services, events and / or promotions of a commercial nature or not, in order to promote, invite, direct, execute, inform and in general, carry out campaigns, promotions or contests of a commercial nature or advertising, developed by QUALITY CODE SAS and / or by third parties; g) Develop the process of selection, evaluation, and employment relationship, as well as the processes required to fully comply with the employment relationship, including the granting of benefits; h) Support internal or external audit processes; i) Register the information of employees and / or pensioners (active and inactive) in the databases of QUALITY CODE S.A.S. j) Those indicated in the authorization granted by the owner of the data or described in the respective privacy notice, as the case may be; k) Supply, share, send or deliver your personal data to affiliated or related companies of QUALITY CODE S.A.S. located in Colombia or any other country in the event that said companies require the information for the purposes indicated here; l) Deliver your personal data to insurance companies when strictly necessary to protect the risks of QUALITY CODE S.A.S .; m) For the attention of queries, petitions, complaints and claims, judicial or administrative requirements and the fulfillment of requirements or duties that the law imposes. Regarding the data (i) collected directly at the security points, (ii) taken from the documents that people provide to the security personnel and (iii) obtained from the video recordings that are made inside or outside the QUALITY CODE facilities SAS, these will be used for security purposes of people, goods and facilities of QUALITY CODE SAS and they can be used as evidence in any type of process.

If personal data is provided, said information will be used only for the purposes indicated here, and therefore, QUALITY CODE S.A.S. will not proceed to sell, license, transmit, or disclose it, unless: (i) there is express authorization to do so; (ii) is necessary to allow contractors or agents to provide the services entrusted; (iii) is necessary in order to provide our services and / or products; (iv) it is necessary to disclose it to the entities that provide marketing services on behalf of QUALITY CODE S.A.S. or to other entities with which they have joint market agreements; (v) the information is related to a merger, consolidation, acquisition, divestment, or other restructuring process of the company; (vi) that is required or permitted by law.

QUALITY CODE S.A.S. may subcontract to third parties for the processing of certain functions or information. When the processing of personal information is effectively outsourced to third parties or personal information is provided to third party service providers, QUALITY CODE S.A.S. advises such third parties of the need to protect such personal information with appropriate security measures, the use of the information for their own purposes is prohibited, and it is requested that personal information not be disclosed to others.

3.     RIGHTS OF THE HOLDERS OF PERSONAL DATA OBJECTED TO TREATMENT BY QUALITY CODE SAS-The holders of personal data by themselves or through their representative and / or attorney or their successor in title may exercise the following rights regarding the personal data that are the object Treatment by QUALITY CODE SAS: a) Right of access: By virtue of which you can access personal data that are under the control of QUALITY CODE SAS for the purposes of consulting them for free at least once each calendar month, and each time there are substantial modifications to the Information Treatment Policies that motivate new consultations; b) Right to update, rectification and deletion: By virtue of which you may request the updating, rectification and / or deletion of the personal data being processed, in such a way that the purposes of the treatment are satisfied; c) Right to request proof of authorization: except in events in which, according to current legal regulations, authorization is not required to carry out the treatment; d) Right to be informed regarding the use of personal data; e) Right to file complaints with the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce: for infractions of the provisions of current regulations on the processing of personal data; f) Right to require compliance with the orders issued by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.

FIRST PARAGRAPH: In the event that sensitive personal data is collected, the Holder may refuse to authorize its Treatment.

4.     RESPONSIBLE AREA AND PROCEDURE FOR THE EXERCISE OF THE RIGHTS OF THE HOLDERS OF THE PERSONAL DATA.- The Customer Service Department of QUALITY CODE S.A.S. has been designated as the area responsible for handling requests, queries, complaints and claims made by the owner of the information in exercise of the rights to know, update, rectify and delete their personal data and revoke the authorization. For such purposes, the owner of the personal data or whoever exercises the representation thereof may formulate or send their request, complaint or claim, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. at 6:00 p.m. to the email:, call the customer service center on the phone line 319 282 3750 and 319 506 0662.

5.     PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING POLICY: Our Personal Data Treatment Policy can be consulted at: We reserve the right to modify or update its Personal Data Treatment Policy in order to address legislative reforms, internal policies or new requirements for the provision or offering of services or products. Any change in its content will be informed and published in a timely manner on the company's website, and / or to the email provided by the owner of personal data.

6.     LAST MODIFICATION: The last modification of the Personal Data Treatment Policy was made on June 5, 2019.